Company News Archive: 2004

Company News Archive: 2004

The Bacteria Cafe

Posted on 16 December 2004 by AF
Tags: Press

The story about germs in the work place just won't go away.

In the December issue of OS magazine, AF again stars in a feature entitled, The Bacteria Cafe.

"It's a safe bet that you wouldn't eat your lunch in the toilet, so how do you feel about having a sandwich over a surface that has 400 times more germs than the average loo seat? Don't fancy it? Well if you're sitting at you desk just now, it's best to put that food away...


So you don't like eating dead skin either?

Posted on 30 October 2004 by AF
Tags: Hygiene Facts

Neither do we, particularly when it's someone else's, that's why we would like to bring to your attention the perils that lie in wait on every desktop, in every keyboard and on every monitor.

Dead skin cells, broken fingernails, hair, eyelashes, body fat (yes, body fat) - makes interesting reading when you are just tucking into that mid-morning bacon sandwich. And these are all the things that can regularly be found on the average desk.

PC and office equipment hygiene is pretty poor in the UK with just 1 in 20 installed PC's being…

Clean Sweep for AF's new Clene-Swipe Tub Wipes!

Posted on 08 October 2004 by AF
Tags: Press

AF's Clene-Swipe Tub Wipes were voted the most exciting new product at Call Centre Expo, NEC, Birmingham on 29th/30th September. AF was praised for bringing such an innovative product range to market. Comments ranged from, 'This is just what we have been looking for' to, 'a brilliant idea, extremely well executed'. A correspondent for Time magazine in the US praised AF's 'good work ethic' adding, 'it's nice to see a British SME with such great support.'

The AF stand was inundated with visitors from the moment the doors opened. Call Centre…

Four Ways to a Fresher Day

Posted on 05 July 2004 by AF
Tags: Event

AF International will launch CLENE-SWIPE TUB WIPES at Call Centre Expo 2004 Birmingham NEC on September 29th - 30th.

Specially designed to be easily accessed in the office, these new wipes will make personal workspace clean and fresh and subtly fragrant in an instant. Each of the products has a specific function and fragrance.

  • PC-CLENE with raspberry fragrance, cleans and reduces static on PC equipment
  • PHONE-CLENE with aloe vera fragrance, cleans and sanitizes all phones

There are more germs in a computer keyboard than on a toilet seat

Posted on 30 May 2004 by AF
Tags: Hygiene Facts

A horrifying thought, but nevertheless true. And it's not just germs that lurk in the crevices of the average keyboard. Tip it on its end, give it a shake and stand back as food particles, eyelashes, hair, fingernails, crisps and biscuit crumbs cascade. Worse still are the invisible nasties such as saliva, dead skin cells and body fat that can be found in most keyboards.

Fact is that toilet seats may generally be more hygienic than keyboards simply because they are cleaned more regularly and in a proper manner. Computer hygiene just isn't…