Company News Tagged: Tips

Company News Tagged: Tips

Think Clean This Month

Posted on 16 September 2010 by AF
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September is the month for cleaning your office environment. AF International, specialist suppliers of ICT and office cleaning products, warns that our keyboards and other equipment can contain harmful bacteria and provide the perfect breeding ground.

Karen Harrison, Marketing Manager "Last year's Swine Flu and the publicity surrounding it made more people aware of the necessity to keep surfaces clean and free from bacteria. With threats of further epidemics once again the importance has been brought to light. The majority of the AF range…

Germ warfare starts in the office

Posted on 30 March 2004 by AF
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Absenteeism through illness costs the UK economy a staggering 10.7 billion pounds. The bare cost to employers of worker absences (not including the cost to the economy in lost productivity) is over 500 million pounds in wages and benefits paid for work not done. This equates to a huge 192 million lost working days in one year alone! Little wonder that employers are looking for ways to stem the tide of these lost man hours.

One area that is big news at the moment is computer and workstation hygiene - or lack of it, when you consider that…