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A range of cleaning products specifically designed for the products supplied by the 'gaming industry'.

These products are aimed at cleaning the console unit, controllers and the wide variety of accessories available in the growing gaming industry.

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Tech Cloth

Product code: TPC003

Pack of 3 large micro fibre cloths

Do you find fingerprints on your tablet or smartphone regularly? A pack of 3 exceptionally soft microfibre cloths will remove dust and greasy marks effectively to ensure a sparkling screen. Please ensure the cloth is free from debris and abrasives before use.

Key points:
  • Euro hook packaging ideal for retail
Suitable For:
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets,
  • Plasma
  • E readers
  • Monitors
  • Glasses
  • Laptops and Mirrors

Additional Information & Resources

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  • FAQ's:
    1) Why cant I just use tissue to clean my screen?

    Ordinary tissues may scratch certain types of screen and most of them will leave paper residue. A correctly formulated cleaning cloth should do neither.

    2) I have a tablet; do you have a special cleaner for this?

    We have several cleaning available. The Multi-Screen Clene Travel Kit gives you an excellent cleaning solution in a handy 25ml bottle, and a high quality micro-fibre cloth, easy to carry with you at all times.

    3) Can alcohol based products be used on screens and filters?

    No, alcohol based products can damage filter screens and special coatings on monitor screens. AF products are specially formulated without alcohol and are therefore safe to use on all screens and filters.

    4) My mobile phone and IPad seem to consistently suffer from greasy finger prints; do you have a quick solution?

    We have a variety of screen cleaning solutions from wet and dry wipes to travel size pump sprays and cloths. The NEW AF Smartwipe is a washable, super strong dry wipe that absorbs grease and leaves a sparkling finish.