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PPE Cleaning

Sharp and stylish gun metal packaging defines the specialist cleaning range. It incorporates a full range of ATM and card cleaning essentials to prevent unexpected costs and a selection of safety glasses and hearing protection cleaning wipes for the PPE industry.

Specialist Cleaning

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PPE Cleaning

Hearing Protection Cleaning Wipes

Product code: EPCW040

Flat pack of 40 impregnated cleaning wipes for PPE

NEW! A pack of 40 convenient, easy to use wipes for essential cleaning of personal protective hearing defender safety equipment. Get the best from your personal protective equipment by using these impregnated wipes with an effective cleaning solution for regular cleaning maintenance.

Key points:
  • Flat pack packaging
  • easy to use
  • fast and effective
  • perfect for regular usage in the workplace
  • Euro hook packaging ideal for retail.
Suitable For:
  • Manufacturing
  • Events
  • Construction
  • Airports
  • Warehouse

Additional Information & Resources

Please download our data sheets and product information for further reading.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Product Information Sheets

1) Why do I have to use different products for different jobs, aren't they all the same?

No, each and every AF product has been designed for a purpose. To do a specific job. For instance, the formulation in Screenclene (which cleans glass) is very different to Phoneclene (which is plastic and therefore requires a more substantial cleaning formula). There is an AF product designed to suit every piece of equipment in today's work environment.