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AF supply a range of natural and synthetic wipes and buds for cleaning and drying a wide variety of surfaces.

For use in conjunction with AF screen and surface cleaners to ensure a perfect result even in the most inaccessible areas.

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Product code: FBU100

100 absorbent foam tipped buds

The extra long 15cm plastic handle allows access to hard to reach areas of equipment with foam bud head for absorbent cleaning. The soft foam bud is gentle yet effective on delicate equipment. Use with AF cleaning solutions for best results

Key points:
  • Euro hook packaging ideal for retail
Suitable For:
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Keyboards,
  • Games console

Additional Information & Resources

Please download our data sheets and product information for further reading.

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  • FAQ's:
    1) What kind of damage can dust and dirt cause?

    Dust and dirt is very abrasive on moving parts like drive heads and keyboard contacts which can lead to overheating and breakdown.

    2) Why do you need to clean computer drives?

    Heat and static build up generated by computer systems attract dust and dirt which will clog up drives and vents leading to overheating and breakdown.

    3) Why do I have to use different products for different jobs, aren't they all the same?

    No, each and every AF product has been designed for a purpose. To do a specific job. For instance, the formulation in Screenclene (which cleans glass) is very different to Phoneclene (which is plastic and therefore requires a more substantial cleaning formula). There is an AF product designed to suit every piece of equipment in today's work environment.

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